Security & GDPR

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Guarding Your Data – We’re the Cipher Keepers!

As web and app usage surges, cloud services proliferate, and mobile and remote users multiply, the security landscape grows ever more complex.

Our sophisticated security protocols equip our seasoned team to vigilantly monitor, regulate, and safeguard your digital assets against evolving threats, all while ensuring the utmost data privacy.

Harnessing a concentrated focus on Security & GDPR compliance for websites, we implement rigorous measures to keep your sensitive information shielded.

Why Choose Us

Your trust is paramount, and we tirelessly work to maintain it by upholding stringent data protection standards, respecting user privacy and ensuring full GDPR compliance. With our expert team at your service, embrace digital growth without compromising on security and data privacy.

Security Protocol

We enforce sophisticated security protocols to protect your digital assets from evolving threats. Our expert team vigilantly monitors and regulates your website, applying cutting-edge encryption methods and firewall protection. Trust us to keep your online presence secure, stable, and immune to cyber threats.

Advanced Protection Programme

Each Vertically hosted deliverable comes complete with our advanced protection programme, boasting a critical security update schedule powered by JARVIS as standard, our experience in managing and maintaining different sized & shaped systems ensure we can help you with a security package that matches its needs.

Disaster Recovery

A unique disaster recovery program is arranged for each Vertical deliverable, this fail-safe is engineered to safely back up & keep your files organised in storage in case of any unscripted emergencies or unforeseen 3rd party requests.

Secure Data Management

Part of our teams commitment to security, we can advise your business on what personal data it needs to store and the security measures that must be taken to keep your data safe online & offline. Our studio have experience in managing & securely storing data, our team can consult on what data you should store and how long to keep the data for, helping keep your business compliant.

GDPR Compliance

Respecting user privacy and maintaining trust are our priorities. We ensure your website is fully GDPR compliant, adhering to the stringent data protection standards. From cookie consents to secure data processing, we handle all aspects, safeguarding your users’ sensitive information.



Ensuring your website’s security and GDPR compliance is a complex task, but you’re not alone. Our dedicated team provides round-the-clock support, answering your queries, resolving issues, and guiding you through the complexities of website security and data privacy regulations. Trust our expertise to fortify your online presence.

Security & GDPR

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