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Property MOT: Building an Integrated Solution for Landlords and Property Management

Vertical Vertical set out to create a comprehensive digital platform for Property MOT, intending to become a one-stop solution for landlords. The website includes various services, such as Property MOT surveys, certification, remedial and maintenance work, refurbishments, and expert property management. The website serves as an interactive hub for Property MOT's clients, enabling ease of access and functionality.

Client & Industry Background

Property MOT operates in the property management sector, focusing on offering landlords an all-in-one solution. Their services encompass a broad spectrum, from health check surveys and certification for Gas, Electrics & Appliances to mini & full refurbishments. They also provide advisory and reports on property performance pre and post any works carried out as part of the MOT.

Project Objectives

Increase the client base through efficient filtering to improve conversion rates.

Provide an engaging and user-friendly website.

Implement a filter system that converts interested parties into qualifiable leads.

Target audiences included Letting Agencies, Landlords, Asset Management companies, Commercial units, and Factors.

Strategy & Approach

The project began with the creation of essential branding elements like the logo, brand colours, and font usage. Market research and competitor analysis helped identify the landscape and positioning. An in-depth keyword research and traffic volume analysis ensured that the website content aligned with potential clients' search behaviour. The design phase involved a design review and development review, ensuring that the website is visually appealing and functional.