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Wired Differently

We love nothing more than meeting new clients.

Founded in Glasgow, our mission is to spark the creative imagination of businesses & brands using hands-on, disruptive technology.

A jigsaw approach combines the expertise of our individual digital departments and ensures that a well-balanced approach is maintained throughout each project.

The Vertical Manifesto

  • To understand and remember that we don’t always have to conform & comply.
  • Our company culture is open to everyone & anyone, our unit is only as strong as the sum of all its parts.
  • Our legacy remains intact, we continue to focus on building the next generation of Apps, Websites & XR.
  • To spark the creative imagination of businesses & brands using hands-on, disruptive technology.
  • To leverage AI in client projects to enhance the integrity & impact of every deliverable.
  • To blend creativity & functionality, enabling a higher frequency where design meets development.
  • To ensure your projects are always delivered on time & pixel perfect.
  • To constantly be innovating with shadow projects in the field of emerging technology.
  • To continually develop our Advanced Protection Programme ensuring security protocol is at the forefront of all our digital produce.
  • How we do anything is how we do everything.

building for the audiences of the future

Vertical Vertical provide an eclectic range of digital services.

With an enviable portfolio our studio can be trusted to deliver your projects on time and pixel perfect.

Talent knows Talent

Join the Vertical crew, we’re recruiting…

We’re a close and collaborative team of independent thinkers.

Our disruptive entourage blend creativity & functionality, ensuring that our clients’ projects are completed exactly on schedule and with flawless detail.

We’ve been there before, so we know what it takes to make it, and we’ll have your back on the journey.

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