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Revolutionising the Jameson Whiskey Experience: Gamification and Immersive AR App for a Global Audience

Our Studio partnered with the globally recognised brand Jameson Whiskey to create a cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) app that offers an immersive and interactive experience for users. Targeted specifically for the game-loving, tech-savvy market in Thailand, the Jameson Connect AR app brings the whiskey label to life, showcasing the brand's rich heritage and distillation process. Featuring an addictive multiplayer game, unique selfie filters, and exclusive event access, the app has become a key component in the ultimate Jameson experience.

Client/Industry Background

Jameson Whiskey, a prominent Irish whiskey brand, is celebrated for its smooth flavour and rich history. To engage a new, tech-savvy audience in Thailand and strengthen its global presence, Jameson sought an innovative solution that combined interactive technology with their brand legacy.

The main objectives of the project were to:

Create a cutting-edge AR app that appeals to the tech-savvy market in Thailand.

Showcase Jameson's rich heritage and distillation process through engaging AR animations.

Design unique app features, including multiplayer games, selfie filters, and event access.

Strategy & Approach

Our Studio collaborated closely with multiple Jameson teams to ensure a thorough understanding of their vision and objectives. We strategically mapped out the digital infrastructure and integrated a diverse array of unique app features, including AI, gamification, live leaderboards, and different AR techniques. The resulting Jameson Connect AR app, available on both Apple and Google Play stores, delivers a truly immersive experience through a combination of marker-based and markerless AR activations.


JAMESON CONNECT AR is the key to the ultimate smooth Jameson experience. Point at the Jameson label and unlock an unforgettable night with friends. Entertain them with the Irish home of Jameson as it comes to life in your hands. Bring them all closer with cutting-edge AR multiplayer games that can turn any bar table into a gaming zone. There are also exclusive Smooth Selfie Filters designed to capture your night like never before. Plus get the heads-up on Taste Events so you never miss out again. And if all that wasn’t enough, Triple Serve suggestions will help give you the full 4D authentic Jameson experience. Get ready to let the good times flow.

App features

AR OPENING ANIMATION – Take a tour of our home with the Master Of Ceremonies as it pops up and animates around the Jameson bottle.

BARRELMANIA – Addictive AR retro-classic multiplayer game with prizes up for grabs.

SMOOTH SELFIE FILTERS – Remember your night with a smooth selfie using the unique Jameson AR face-filters.

TRIPLE SERVES – The top three smoothest ways to enjoy Jameson.

TASTE EVENTS – Be first to know about upcoming Jameson Events.

Deliverables & Results

- A bespoke AR app for Jameson Whiskey, available on iOS and Android platforms.
- Engaging AR animations that bring the whiskey label to life, showcasing the brand's history and distillation process.
- Distinct app features such as the Barrelmania multiplayer game, smooth selfie filters, and exclusive access to Jameson events.

The Jameson Connect AR app has achieved remarkable success in engaging the target audience in Thailand, providing them with a memorable and interactive experience. The app's combination of immersive AR animations, gamification, and exclusive features has not only enhanced the overall brand experience but also cemented Jameson's reputation as an innovative and authentic brand.