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Revolutionising Processes Through AI at Vertical Vertical: More than Innovation Artificial Intelligence (AI) transcends being a mere buzzword; it has become the lifeblood of ingenuity and transformation at Vertical Vertical. Over the span of nine years, a journey that also includes our time as Project8ball, we have stood at the forefront of technological advancement.

The Overlords Are Here

A Leap into the Future of NFT & Utility Welcome to the world of Non-Fungible Turkeys (NFTs), a revolutionary campaign that’s more than just a collection of digital artwork. It’s a step into an exciting future, where art, technology, and community come together in a vibrant symphony. Our radiant 8,888 Non-Fungible Turkeys are not just hand-drawn illustrations; they are a celebration of creativity. The results are genuinely AI-based, reflecting the perfect mashup of digital layers and character combinations, leaving you spoilt for choice. Owning a Non-Fungible Turkey is more than possession of a digital asset; it’s an entry into the most exclusive club on earth. Vertical Vertical is set to expand further into the Metaverse, offering community members opportunities to engage in our hottest new Web 3.0 projects and activations.

Non-Fungible Turkeys

In an era driven by technological innovation, the collaboration between Digital Twin technology and Internet of Things (IoT) is steering businesses towards new, exciting horizons. They are paving the way for robust, interactive, and experiential shopping experiences. At the heart of this lies Augmented Reality (AR) Product Visualisation, a powerful tool that allows consumers to interact with digital replicas of products within their real-world space. Let’s delve into how this technology is revolutionising the way retailers, businesses, and brands engage with their customers.

Digital Twin & Augmented Reality

The Gary McKinnon Story: An NFT Collection ‘A British hacker who successfully fought extradition to the US and prosecution in the UK for breaking into dozens of US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Department of Defense computers, as well as 16 Nasa computers.’ Vertical X Gary McKinnon As a disruptive tech outfit, our team are always on the lookout for incredible stories & individuals. Being a creative & technology focused digital operation, Vertical Vertical were very excited when the opportunity arose that allowed us to approach Gary McKinnon about creating an exclusive NFT collection to help tell his remarkable story, further immortalising these items of cultural significance forever onto the blockchain.

Hacking the Pentagon in search of UFO’s

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