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Of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh's Graduation Celebration: An Immersive AR Face Filter Experience

Our studio was tasked with developing a branded Augmented Reality (AR) face filter for The University of Edinburgh, allowing students to virtually celebrate their graduation amid restrictions on in-person events. The project involved creating an engaging and immersive experience that enabled students to don their graduation robes and visit the iconic McEwan Hall virtually. The result was a highly successful social media activation on both Instagram and Facebook, fostering a sense of connection and celebration despite the challenging circumstances.

Client & Industry Background

The University of Edinburgh is a prestigious higher education institution in Scotland. As one of the oldest and most respected universities in the United Kingdom, it attracts thousands of students from around the world. The university is known for its rigorous academic programs, research excellence, and a rich tradition of graduation ceremonies. Due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions, the university sought an innovative solution to bring its graduating students a memorable and engaging experience to celebrate their achievements.

Deliverables & Result

A branded AR face filter that allowed students to virtually wear their graduation robes.
An immersive virtual environment featuring the McEwan Hall, where students could celebrate their graduation.
Seamless integration with Instagram and Facebook, complete with dedicated links for easy access and sharing.

The AR face filter was well-received by the graduating students, generating significant engagement on both Instagram and Facebook. The filter provided a unique and enjoyable experience that allowed students to feel connected to their peers and the university, despite the restrictions on in-person events. Students widely shared their virtual graduation moments, creating a sense of community and celebration.

The success of the project was evident in the positive feedback received from students, an increase in social media engagement, and the buzz created around the University of Edinburgh's innovative approach to virtual graduation. The filter also helped reinforce the university's reputation for adaptability and commitment to providing memorable experiences for its students.