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Elysium Gyms App & Branding: Seamless Booking App With IOT App Controlled Access, Intuitive E-commerce Features & Sophisticated Business Admin Tools

Our studio partnered with Elysium Gyms to develop a comprehensive digital package, including a state-of-the-art app, a responsive website, and cohesive branding. The end-to-end digital solution successfully established Elysium Gyms as a strong contender in the London fitness scene, providing users with an innovative, seamless, and personalised fitness experience.

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Client & Industry Background

Elysium Gyms is an innovative fitness concept in London, offering private gym spaces with the perfect blueprint of equipment. As a new arrival on the fitness scene, Elysium Gyms sought to revolutionise the industry by providing gym-goers with a unique and exclusive training environment, enabled by cutting-edge technology.

Strategy & Approach

Our team collaborated closely with the client to establish the technical requirements and project scope for a centralised booking console and database architecture, connecting gym-goers with the Elysium Gyms automatic door entry system via APIs. The console includes a dedicated Admin Console for managing and monitoring app activities, bookings, refunds, and client logs.

The Elysium Gyms app, available on Android and Apple devices, was designed and developed to enable users to book, train, and access gym spaces through a branded platform. The app features keyless entry, seamless booking, and an integrated e-commerce merchant account for processing payments and refunds. Our studio maintains the app with sophisticated security protocols and an advanced maintenance program.

The Elysium Gyms website was designed and developed to align with the brand guidelines, serving as a front-facing component of the business model. The website explains the Elysium process to users while building online authority for the gyms and their locations. API data integration allows users to explore gym locations and access information, including directions, on both mobile and desktop devices.

Our studio curated a comprehensive branding package for Elysium Gyms, including colour palettes, fonts, font weights, brand logo, icon creation, and brand guidelines. These formalised rules and structures ensured unparalleled brand uniformity across both the website and app.

Deliverables & Result

The end-to-end digital solution provided by our studio successfully established Elysium Gyms as a strong contender in the London fitness scene. The seamless integration of the app, website, and branding effectively conveyed the innovative gym concept, attracting users and enabling a smooth, personalised fitness experience. The project showcased our studio's expertise in delivering bespoke digital solutions tailored to the client's vision and requirements.