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McQueen Gin

McQueen AR: Captivating AR Experiences Activated By Bottle Labels On iOS And Android

Our studio developed a cutting-edge AR app for McQueen Gin, a premium gin brand, to provide an immersive and interactive experience to its customers. The app integrates 6 AR experiences corresponding to each gin label, bringing the McQueen bottle to the forefront of the customer-brand connection. With additional features such as an online gin shop, exclusive discounts, cocktail masterclasses, and insider information on McQueen's gin-making process, the app aims to revolutionise the way customers engage with the McQueen brand.

Client & Industry Background

McQueen Gin is a premium gin brand known for its bold flavours and adventurous spirit. With an expansive range of unique gin flavours, McQueen is a maverick in the gin market, continuously pushing boundaries and exploring innovative ways to connect with its customers.

Strategy & Approach

UX/UI Design: Developing an app interface that adheres to McQueen's brand guidelines and style while ensuring a seamless user experience.
Storyboarding & Creative: Crafting 6 narratives for the AR experiences, each highlighting a different aspect of the McQueen brand and its products.
3D Modelling, Rigging & Animation: Creating 3D assets for each AR experience, complete with cinematic lighting and VFX.
Sound Production, SFX & Voiceovers: Enhancing the AR experiences with background audio, professional voiceovers, and sound effects.
iOS & Android App Development: Developing the app for both platforms, ensuring compatibility and performance across devices.
E-Commerce: Access to the McQueen online shop through the app.

Deliverables & Result

The McQueen Gin AR app successfully revolutionised the way customers interact with the brand, offering an immersive experience that showcases the adventurous spirit of McQueen. The app received positive feedback from users, who praised its engaging AR experiences and additional features.