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Revitalising the Property factoring Market: A Fresh Digital Presence for Factors Direct

Our studio embarked on a project to create a fresh and engaging digital presence for Factors Direct, a new entrant to the property market with a focus on Glasgow and Edinburgh. The project encompassed building a modern, user-friendly website, with numerous customer-facing pages and components, all tailored to Factor Direct's specific needs. This SEO-anchored, responsive site was designed to be the flagship platform, encapsulating Factor Direct’s key business service in Residential Factoring. With the creation of new on-brand assets & media, the design was extended to a fully encompassed website, characterised by its clean, modern, friendly, and fresh appeal.

Client & Industry Background

Factors Direct is a new company specialising in residential factoring, with an emphasis on the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas. Positioned to become a leading factor option, both centrally and Scotland-wide, they aim to create a positive impact on the property market with their refreshing proactive approach to factoring.

Project Objectives

The primary objective was to build a website that showcases Factors Direct as a leading factor option, with a focus on SEO and audience & competitor profiling. Key tasks included keyword research, user experience optimisation, and crafting a website that aligns with the company's mission & values. The site was designed to include a plethora of pages detailing various services, all fine-tuned for SEO objectives to rank well and educate the end user.

Strategy & Approach

The strategy adopted by Vertical Vertical combined aesthetic considerations with functional needs. Website design elements such as media, brand colours, and font exploration were harmonised to maintain a coherent brand image. On the development front, VV ensured various web elements were responsive across devices and browsers.

Deliverables & Result

The newly launched Factors Direct website is a testament to VV's commitment to quality and client satisfaction. This new site not only elevates Factors Direct's online presence but also aligns seamlessly with their brand and business objectives. The final deliverable is a dynamic, responsive, and visually appealing website that meets the SEO objectives set forth at the project's inception. The client's satisfaction with the result marks a successful conclusion to a collaborative and innovative journey.