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Crafting a Premier Online Presence for Scotland’s Finest Golf Tour Provider.

Discover how Vertical Vertical developed a state-of-the-art digital platform for ProScot Golf Tours, seamlessly catering to both EU/UK and USA audiences with dynamic content and pricing, enhancing global reach and user experience.

Client & Industry Background

ProScot Golf Tours, led by PGA professional John Scott, is one of Scotland’s premier golf tour operators, offering exclusive access to some of the most prestigious golf courses, including guaranteed tees at St Andrews. Catering to a discerning international clientele, ProScot Golf Tours prides itself on delivering exceptional golfing experiences.

Project Objectives

Tailor Content and Pricing Dynamically: Ensure the website serves tailored content, including currency and contact details, based on the visitor’s geographic location.

Enhance Brand Visibility and Engagement: Strengthen online presence with a modern, SEO-optimised website that reflects the luxury and exclusivity of ProScot’s offerings.

Streamline User Experience: Develop a user-friendly interface with efficient navigation and interactive elements to boost customer interactions and lead generation.

Secure and Scalable Platform: Build a robust digital infrastructure that is secure, scalable, and capable of supporting future enhancements.

Scotland’s Premier
Golf Travel Company

Strategy & Approach

Vertical Vertical embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation for ProScot Golf Tours, which involved detailed pre-design consultations, user-centric design practices, and the integration of sophisticated backend functionalities. The project spanned initial brand consultations to final launch, incorporating extensive SEO analysis, content strategy, and multimedia elements to convey the luxury and exclusivity of ProScot’s offerings effectively.

Deliverables & Result

Bespoke Multi-Regional Website - A custom-designed, high-performance website over 200 pages, with dynamic adjustments for content, currency, and contact details based on the user’s location (EU/UK or USA).

Enhanced User Engagement - Integration of a user-friendly interface with features such as a sophisticated contact form, callback requests, and interactive package details, significantly improving the user journey and increasing conversion rates.

Robust Backend System - Development of a secure and comprehensive admin area for efficient management of content, testimonials, and package offerings by ProScot staff.

SEO and Brand Alignment - The website was designed with a strong focus on SEO, incorporating keyword strategies and content optimised for search engines, alongside alignment with newly established brand guidelines.

The new digital platform for ProScot Golf Tours sets a new standard for the golf tourism industry, combining luxury with functionality. The site not only meets the sophisticated demands of international golf enthusiasts but also enhances ProScot’s operational capabilities, enabling them to manage content and customer interactions more effectively. This project highlights Vertical Vertical’s ability to deliver custom digital solutions that encapsulate the essence of client brands while driving their market leadership.