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Cubic AR Visualisation: Augmented Reality App & Interactive AR Experience for the Defense sector

Our studio was approached by Cubic, a global defense contractor, to develop an interactive presentation tool for a £250 million military contract in the Middle-East. The project involved creating a highly detailed, richly textured Augmented Reality (AR) model of the proposed military training complex, incorporating CGI video content and animation. We developed an iOS compatible AR application that was later adapted to Virtual Reality (VR). The app and its content were securely distributed to select military iPad devices, ensuring controlled access. Our team collaborated closely with various Cubic departments and the project's Head Architect to deliver a cutting-edge visualisation tool that showcased the proposed military zones, adhering to strict corporate brand guidelines and sensitive military specifications.

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Client & Industry Background

Cubic is a leading global defence contractor that specialises in designing, integrating, and operating advanced technology systems, products, and services. With a focus on defence, transportation, and secure communications, Cubic provides innovative solutions for customers worldwide. Their expertise includes designing military training systems, providing realistic combat training and offering a range of services that support defence operations.

The main objectives of the project were to:

Create a highly detailed and textured AR model of the proposed military training complex.

Integrate CGI video content and animation within the AR model.

Develop an iOS-compatible AR app with a secure and selective distribution system.

Adapt the AR app to VR for an immersive experience.

Collaborate closely with Cubic's Head Architect and various departments to ensure an accurate representation of the project's vision.

Strategy & Approach

Collaboration and Planning: We worked closely with Cubic's Head Architect and various departments, both overseas and in our Glasgow Studio, to understand the project's vision and requirements. This collaboration ensured that our development strategy aligned with their expectations and objectives.

Design and Development: Our skilled visualisers focused on creating a highly detailed and richly textured AR model of the military training complex, showcasing the nominated military zones spanning a square kilometre. The surrounding buildings and terrain were proportionally simplified to ensure greater detail could be spent on the critical areas for the bid presentation.

Integration of CGI Video Content and Animation: We incorporated sensitive military CGI video content and animations into the AR model, providing a comprehensive and interactive presentation tool that allowed end-users to explore the 3D campus in Augmented Reality on their iPad devices during the presentation.

Secure Distribution System: The project brief required controlled publication of the branded app and interactive AR model content to selective Cubic military iPad devices. We developed a secure distribution system that ensured only authorised personnel had access to the sensitive content.

Adaptation to VR: After successfully developing the AR app, we adapted it to Virtual Reality, providing an even more immersive experience for users while exploring the proposed military training complex.

Testing and Optimisation: Throughout the development process, we tested the app's functionality, user experience, and security features to ensure optimal performance. We gathered feedback from Cubic and made necessary adjustments to refine the app further.

Launch and Support: Upon completion, we provided Cubic with the AR app and its VR adaptation, along with ongoing support to ensure seamless integration with their presentation and stakeholder engagement processes.