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A Tailored Technology Solution Enhancing Property Promotion Efficiency

Explore how Vertical Vertical developed the FourFifteen Hub, a customised console designed to streamline and enhance the real estate video ordering and management process, from initial request to public display.

Client & Industry Background

Fourfifteen is a prominent real estate marketing agency known for its innovative approach to property promotion. Their requirement was for a technology solution that could manage the complex logistics of video production orders, including coordination between various stakeholders and seamless integration with existing digital platforms.

Engineering for a
better user experience

Project Objectives

Automate Order Management: Implement an automated system to track and manage video production orders from estate agents.

Simplify User Interactions: Develop an intuitive admin interface for manual order entry and management.

Enhance Communication Efficiency: Create a system that facilitates effective scheduling and communication among stakeholders.

Seamless Asset Delivery: Enable automatic delivery and integration of completed assets to both clients for sign-off and directly to promotional platforms.

Strategy & Approach

The development of the Fourfifteen Hub began with a deep dive into the client’s operational challenges and existing processes. Vertical Vertical designed a sophisticated console that integrated an email crawler for automatic order logging, a comprehensive calendar booking system, and advanced API integrations for asset delivery. The solution focused on simplifying the user journey for all parties involved, from estate agents to marketing teams, ensuring a seamless flow from order placement to asset promotion.

Deliverables & Result

Automated Order Logging - Developed a crawler to scan email inboxes and log orders directly into the system database, enhancing order entry efficiency.

Admin Management Interface - Created an easy-to-use input field for admins to log and manage orders manually, complementing the automated system.

Integrated Booking and Communication System - Implemented a calendar system linked with automated emails to keep all stakeholders informed of appointments and changes.

API-Driven Asset Delivery - Built API functionalities to send completed video assets for client approval and to the brochure website for immediate display, streamlining the final stages of the marketing process.

The FourFifteen Hub is a testament to Vertical Vertical’s expertise in creating custom digital solutions that address specific industry needs. This project not only optimised the efficiency of real estate video production and distribution processes for FourFifteen but also significantly enhanced the overall service delivery to their clients. The Hub has set a new standard in the integration of technology in real estate marketing, demonstrating the potential for innovative solutions to transform traditional business operations.