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Braehead shopping centre: IOS & ANDROID APP, interactive Augmented Reality Content

Our studio was tasked with designing and developing a new Android and iOS app for Braehead, Scotland's premier retail and leisure destination. The app, adhering to the shopping centre's recently updated brand guidelines, offers immersive family fun during key shopping seasons, including Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. Utilising Augmented Reality (AR), users can find and interact with 3D animated models and audio, creating engaging seasonal experiences for visitors.

Client & Industry Background

Braehead is Scotland's leading retail and leisure destination, offering a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options for visitors. To maintain its competitive edge and enhance customer experience, Braehead sought to create a unique app that could provide immersive and interactive seasonal experiences.

Strategy & Approach

Working closely with Braehead, our team designed and developed a user-friendly app that combined the shopping centre's brand guidelines with innovative Augmented Reality technology. The app provides immersive family fun during key shopping seasons by guiding users to find branded floor stickers within the centre, which then come to life through interactive 3D animated models and audio using AR.

Deliverables & result

- A customised Android and iOS app for Braehead Shopping Centre.
- Seasonal, immersive experiences using Augmented Reality technology.
- Ongoing support and maintenance for the app.

The Braehead Explore AR App has received positive feedback from visitors, providing them with engaging and interactive seasonal experiences. The app's use of AR technology has created a unique and immersive experience, setting Braehead apart from other retail and leisure destinations.