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VR App and Web Console for Exposure Therapy: Transforming Clinical Treatment with Immersive Experiences

Vertical Vertical partnered with KSRHT to develop a Virtual Reality (VR) app and web console, designed to provide exposure therapy treatment for patients in clinical and casual settings. The project involved creating immersive environments and scenarios tailored to KSRHT's evolving therapy needs. The VR solution includes an easy-to-use admin area, allowing therapists to monitor progress and analyse data. This case study explores the development process, objectives, and results of this innovative VR app and web console.

Client & Industry Background

KSRHT is a forward-thinking organisation providing exposure therapy treatment in clinical settings. They recognised the potential of VR technology to enhance their therapeutic approach and sought a solution that could cater to their specific needs.

Project Objectives

Develop an agile VR console for exposure therapy treatment.

Design immersive environments and avatars to cater to KSRHT's needs.

Ensure user safety and comfort within the VR experience.

Create a non-published VR app for predetermined VR headsets.

Develop an admin area for therapists to monitor progress and analyse data.

Engineer the VR solution for seated experiences.

Design initial environments and objectives to address specific therapy goals.

Ensure scalability and future adaptability of the VR console.

Strategy & Approach

Vertical worked closely with KSRHT to determine and storyboard suitable virtual environments and avatar concepts. The team chose the Oculus Quest 2 as the hardware for the VR solution, ensuring compatibility with the Oculus SDK. The project involved designing two main 3D environments - a bar/restaurant scene and a house scene - with specific objectives tailored to address various therapy goals such as social anxiety, OCD, and phobias.

A user-friendly foyer environment was created to acclimatise users to the VR experience before beginning therapy sessions along with an instruction screen user journey. The VR app also included a login system for patient ID, ensuring that data could be anchored to each user.

To ensure safety and comfort, the VR experience was engineered to be a seated experience, and the app was designed to be cast to a monitor, allowing therapists to view the patient's experience in real time.

Deliverables & result

The VR app and web console developed by Vertical Vertical provided KSRHT with an innovative and effective solution for enhancing exposure therapy treatment. Patients experienced immersive environments and realistic scenarios, resulting in increased engagement and therapeutic outcomes. Therapists gained valuable insights into their patients' progress through the admin area, enabling them to tailor their approach and provide personalised treatment.

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