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Consultation & Exploration Of A Custom Software Solution with Tradiy

Explore how Vertical Vertical transformed Tradiy’s operational capabilities through a comprehensive custom software development consultation, laying the groundwork for a revolutionary platform.

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Client & Industry Background

Tradiy is an innovative company poised to disrupt its sector by implementing custom digital solutions that streamline operations and enhance user interactions. Their commitment to leveraging technology sets them apart in a competitive industry.

Project Objectives

Develop a clear and detailed understanding of Tradiy's system requirements and user functionalities.

Map out comprehensive user journeys and wireframes to outline the system's structure.

Create a detailed platform specification document that serves as a foundational blueprint for development.

Offer delivery approach suggestions to optimise system performance and security.

Strategy & Approach

Vertical Vertical embarked on a multi-stage consultation process with Tradiy, starting with an intensive workshop to capture detailed user requirements and functionalities. This was followed by user journey mapping and the creation of system components wireframes. The team provided a detailed platform specification, incorporating UML diagrams to ensure clarity and precision. Delivery approaches, including security and maintenance suggestions, were tailored to enhance the platform’s commercial viability.

Deliverables & Result

Comprehensive Software Development Blueprint - A detailed platform specification document that includes user flows and system architecture.

User Journey Maps and Wireframes - Visual representations of the user interface and experience, aiding in the development process.

Optimised Delivery Recommendations - Strategic advice on system delivery, focusing on security protocols and infrastructure to maximise efficiency and impact.

Project Scope and Cost Estimates - A clear outline of the project scope and timeline, providing Tradiy with the information needed to make informed decisions.