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CHAOS Unleashed: Crafting an Iconic Brand Identity for London's Oasis Lounge

In the bustling City of London, CHAOS envisioned a unique coffee lounge that would stand as a Balinese-inspired oasis, offering a blend of luxury, comfort, and premium quality. Vertical Vertical (VV) undertook an ambitious branding project, transforming this vision into reality. Through comprehensive R&D, innovative logo design, and the creation of a complete brand tool-kit, VV has shaped CHAOS's identity, defining a new experience that marries professionalism with cool vibes.

Client & Industry Background

CHAOS emerges as a fresh player in London's competitive coffee market, aiming to offer more than just beverages. Moulded by earthy monochrome tones, luxury details, and house-inspired playlists, CHAOS seeks to provide a memorable experience from 7am-7pm, Monday to Friday. Targeting individuals who value experience, great service, and design details, CHAOS aspires to open across London as a haven for quality and relaxation.

Project Objectives

The objective was to create a leading brand for CHAOS that encapsulates its essence as a sexy, slick, and ‘vibey’ space. With a vision to become an all-day coffee brand where high quality reigns, the goal was to ensure that the logo and brand resonated with CHAOS's unique concept, targeting discerning clients in London's Aldgate.

Strategy & Approach

VV's approach was rooted in understanding CHAOS's demographic, brand tone, and market positioning. Through mood boards, brand Q&A, and extrapolation, VV explored various potential logo styles, including white space stylisation, to capture the CHAOS identity. The strategy involved initial scoping and iterative design, producing several leading logo concepts, refining them into the final logo creation, brand foundations, and a comprehensive brand tool-kit.

Deliverables & Result

A master ‘CHAOS’ logo delivered in all print-ready & digital formats.

Brand Pantone Block.

Font/s Selection & Weighting Usage.

Stylisation Concepts and Mockup Media.

Presentation Document of Logo & Brand Tool-kit.