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In the vast expanse of the digital universe, your logo is your brand’s beacon. It encapsulates your essence, personality, and values, painting a vivid picture of who you are as a business. An exceptional logo goes beyond a fancy emblem—it tells your story and represents your business’s core ethos. It’s a visual handshake, the first impression that can turn a bystander into a loyal customer.

We craft logos and icons that are not just visually stunning but strategically powerful, embodying your brand’s DNA and resonating with your target audience. Our expertise spans the process, from initial conception to delivering print and web-ready production assets, ensuring your logo makes an indelible impact wherever it’s deployed.

Because we delve deeper. We journey beyond the aesthetics, exploring your brand, understanding your audience, and unravelling the marketplace’s intricacies in which you operate. We merge this understanding with our design expertise to create a logo that does more than just look good—it stands for something.

Why Choose Us

At Vertical Vertical, we believe your logo should be your brand’s heart and soul, the quintessence of what you stand for and represent. It’s not just about creating an emblem—it’s about creating an identity, a consistent and captivating narrative that elevates your brand above the rest.

Logo Design Exploration & Guidelines

Embark on a journey of discovery with our bespoke logo design process. Our studio dive into your brand’s core ethos, exploring innovative design options to craft a logo that’s distinctly yours. With our thorough guidelines, learn how to effectively deploy your logo, ensuring a consistent visual narrative across all platforms.

Logo Typeface & Icon

Selecting the perfect typeface and icon for your logo is a critical step in brand representation. Our design specialists guide you through this process, matching fonts and icons that embody your brand’s values. With us, your logo is more than just a symbol—it’s a powerful visual communication tool.

Logo Pantone & Stylisation

Delve into the world of Pantone colours and stylisation with our team of design experts. We guide you through colour choices that amplify your brand’s identity, and a stylisation process that creates a unique visual appeal. With us, your logo does more than catch the eye—it creates an emotional connection.

Logo Animation

Bring your logo to life with our animation services. An animated logo can create a memorable impression, adding depth and character to your brand’s identity. Our team is adept at creating engaging animations that resonate with audiences, making your brand unforgettable in the digital arena.

Logo Design

Our Work

Dive into the realm of innovation, creativity, and impact as we present to you a curated selection of our Studio’s work. Our team are proud to boast awe-inspiring projects that have transformed businesses and communities alike.

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