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Business Centre

Woodside Business Centres Website Revamp: Showcasing Modern Office Spaces and Services

Woodside Business Centres required a website redesign to better present and market their serviced office spaces and virtual office services to potential tenants. The goal was to create a visually appealing and informative website, showcasing the character of the building, available office spaces, and the comprehensive services offered. By incorporating new media, room listings, and a history section, the revamped website successfully attracted new tenants and increased overall customer satisfaction.

Client & Industry Background

Woodside Business Centres is a provider of serviced office spaces and virtual office services, offering a modern, professional environment for businesses in a historic building. Their offerings cater to the needs of various organisations, from startups to established companies, seeking flexible and well-equipped office spaces.

Strategy & Approach

The project began with the redesign of the website's layout and structure, focusing on improving content presentation and user experience. New pages were added, including room listings for serviced office spaces, a history section to showcase the building's rich heritage, and an updated news/blog section for SEO-rich content.

High-quality images and videos were incorporated into the website to highlight the character of the building and the office spaces available. Room listings were designed to be easily updated, ensuring that the website remained agile and adaptable to short-term changes in office availability.


The revamped Woodside Business Centres website successfully showcased the available office spaces and the comprehensive services offered, resulting in increased interest from potential tenants and overall customer satisfaction. The website's improved design, informative content, and visually appealing media effectively highlighted the character of the building and its modern office spaces.