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Interactive Mini-Golf Experience with Paradise Island Adventure Golf's AR App

Paradise Island Adventure Golf (PIAG) sought to enhance the customer experience at their mini-golf courses by incorporating a state-of-the-art Augmented Reality (AR) app for iOS and Android devices. The app offers a variety of interactive features, games, and animations that add excitement and enjoyment to the mini-golf experience. This case study outlines the project's background, challenges, objectives, strategy, deliverables, results and future plans.

Client & Industry Background

Paradise Island Adventure Golf is a leading provider of unique and immersive mini-golf experiences. The company aims to offer a memorable, fun, and engaging experience for players of all ages, setting itself apart from traditional mini-golf courses.

Strategy & Approach

The development team employed a user-centred design approach, focusing on intuitive navigation and engaging features that cater to users of all ages. Key app components included:

Scorecard: An in-app scorecard for recording and sharing scores.

Monkey Madness: A markerless AR experience featuring a monkey character with various animations.

Magic Holes: Marker-based AR experiences using golf hole markers to trigger animations.

Power Putt: A movement recognition feature for playing animations around the golf ball.

Show Stopper: An interactive animation triggered by aligning the camera with a statue.

Trailblazer: A trail animation feature following the movement of the golf ball.

Selfie: A feature for superimposing a 3D model around the user's face.

Winners Podium: A marker-based AR feature for creating a 3D winners podium.

Deliverables & Results

The project resulted in a fully functional AR app for iOS and Android devices, complete with a user-friendly interface, engaging features, and seamless integration with the mini-golf experience. The app also included sharing capabilities for users to post their experiences on social media or other sharing platforms.

The AR app has been well-received by PIAG customers, providing an engaging and memorable experience that sets the company apart from its competitors. The app has also driven increased traffic and awareness for PIAG through user-generated content shared on social media.