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Rebranding for the Future

We have entered a new era, transforming from Project8ball into a premium, vertically-integrated studio in the form of Vertical Vertical. Our passion for emerging technology has driven us towards a more premium service offering.

Our rebranding is not merely superficial. It embodies a new logo, a fresh colour palette that sees the introduction of our UFO Green, and a finessed studio outlook. The same talented team remains in place, buoyed by the emergence of advanced artificial intelligence to accelerate our passion for emerging technology.

Our fresh aesthetics are prominently displayed across our new website and app, representing our vertically-integrated approach and commitment to unparalleled quality.

This rebranding is not just a transformation; it’s an evolution. It’s the maturing of our studio into a space where creativity and functionality coalesce to ensure timely, pixel-perfect delivery.

We’ve not only upgraded our visual aesthetics but redefined our operational approach. By finessing our processes, we’ve refined our way of working, making our studio more efficient, responsive, and capable of providing the cutting-edge solutions our clients demand.

This new outlook doesn’t mean forgetting our roots; rather, it’s an extension of our eight-year legacy of focusing on emerging technology. It’s the manifestation of our winning mentality, a decisive factor in growing and evolving our ambitious company.

Rebranding from Project8ball to Vertical Vertical has been a monumental leap forward. It signifies our commitment to providing premium services, our evolution as a leading tech studio, and our relentless pursuit of excellence.

The careful planning and thoughtful implementation reflect our dedication to continuous growth and our aim to provide a superior product that sets us apart from the competition.

We invite you to explore our new website and app, experience our fresh look, and see for yourself how Vertical Vertical is wired differently. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to spark the creative imagination of businesses and brands using hands-on, disruptive technology and the very latest innovations in design & development.

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